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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Over to the Body Shop

Seems like everyone is have a Leap Day sale of some kind. But not everyone is having a sale on top of a sale. The regular Body Shop sale is Buy One Get One 50%, Buy Two Get One Free, or Buy Three Get Two Free. That's a pretty good deal on it's own. Now throw in getting an additional 29% with the code LEAPYEAR its an even better deal and one you can't pass up.

New Color Collection at MAC

It's rare that I like whatever current color collection that MAC is pushing out every other week. It's usually one or two real-world colors and the rest are off-beat colors that are more suited to a fashion runway or being used as a teeny, tiny accent color. And, at MAC prices, buying a whole pot of color you either can't use or use very little isn't super cost effective.

I feel entirely different about their current collection called Chenman. It's lots pinks and blues that are very appropriate for everyday use. The pieces I particularly like are the blue nail polish (a great color for the Spring and Summer seasons), the Supersweet Mineralize eye shadow, and the Beauty Powder.

TOMS Shoes Look Alikes (for way cheaper!)

I love the TOMS brand shoes. They're comfy, pretty utilitarian, and in a homey kind of way also cute. Plus the philosophy behind the company warms my cold, cold heart. For every pair of TOMS shoes you buy, the company donates a free pair of TOMS to an underprivledged child. However, at $43.95 for the classic version and $53.95 for the glitter version my wallet sometimes aches after my well-intentioned purchase.

Haute Look has stepped in to ease my aching wallet. Today they have Groove slips on which are a pretty good knock-off of the TOMS style shoe in the great easy colors I love plus they're under $20 a pair. I'll continue to buy my basic colors in the actual TOMS brand but for the fun, off-beat ones, I think I'll save some extra money for my bleeding gas tank!
Groove Canvas Slip on $17

Groove Glitter Slip on $18

Coach Factory Online Sale

The Coach Factory is having ANOTHER online sale. I expect prices to drop even further since this is the 3rd sale in last few weeks. Usually these sales only happen once every other month. I think the Coach Factory is getting ready to open their own online store that's permanent. I could be wrong but, I think this where its headed.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Updating Your Shoe Wardrobe

Shoes are a pretty important accessory. Every season requires a new type of shoe. For example, you're not going to wear sandals when it's snowing. But that's an easy example. Here's a better one: you're not going to wear open toe pumps to work if it's going to rain. You would wear boots or high-heeled booties right? But season doesn't dictate everything about your shoe wardrobe. Your shoes also have to match your personal style and vibe. A girly-girl who wears dresses and skirts won't be buying lug-soled anything as it'll look a little out of place with her super sweet dresses. So how do you get an extensive shoe wardrobe to fit all of your needs?

Every season I take a look at my shoe collection and try to figure out what I need to fill in the gaps for the upcoming season. By that, I mean what's new and cool that I don't already have and shoes I need to either fix or replace due to wear and damage (IDEA: If you don't have a cobbler that you trust find one STAT). Taking the time to do this every 3-4 months means I have a pretty good idea of what I need when I'm out shopping or surfing the net for sales. Having a mental list like this will also cut down on buying shoes that I may wear once or twice but, really don't fit into my wardrobe style and needs. Also, it's easier to stand in your closet matching up shoes and outfits rather than try to figure it out when you're out shopping if a certain pair of shoes will fit into your wardrobe. Finally, if you know what you're looking for you can make sure you're spending your dollars wisely by catching sales and promotions rather than paying full price.

Here's a great example of how I recently updated my wardrobe. One of the trends for spring is having a really bold pop of color on your feet like electric blue or bright turquoise. Coral would even be great. I have a pair of electric blue flats but nothing in the bright turquoise or coral families. Plus all I have are flats, nothing in heels for a dressier situation. I recently saw a sale on Steve Madden shoes at Steve Madden is known for funky shoes and super bright colors. This is a great place to find the shoes I need at great price. I definitely struck gold. Here's what I bought:
P-Rada $45.99 (Reg. $99.95)

Steve Madden P-Gabor $45.99 (Reg. $109.95)

Now these shoes may or may not work with my wardrobe. Once I get them home I'll have to figure out if they're exactly what I need or if I need to keep looking. But overall, I'm pretty happy with my find.

Shopping like this I got two pairs of shoes for $92 (plus tax and shipping) instead of paying $210 for the same exact shoes. Having great style doesn't happen by accident. It definitely takes some time and planning but, can be done with a limited investment by planning ahead and buying pieces that will last for several years.

Macy's Debuts New INC Collection

INC Fringe Tank and White Jeans $59.50 - $69.50
INC Tie Dye Maxi $89.50
I'm not a big Macy's shopper but at times they have really great stuff. One of the lines that I do like that you can only find at Macy's is their house brand INC. INC is pretty well made and since the line is constantly adding new pieces INC can offer great pieces to quickly and inexpensively update my wardrobe. INC has just debuted their Global Glamour Collection and, I have to say, that I might be spending some money at Macy's. The pieces are pretty chic and at the price point you can get a lot for your money. Plus Macy's is always having a sale of some sort and if you have a Macy's card you can use your monthly savings passes to get an additional % off. Go check out the new line but, here are a few of my favorites.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Old Navy Sale

Boatneck Top $15
Old Navy is trying to lure you in today with savings! Today if you use the following code online: ONSPRING you get 25% off your entire order. If you use it tomorrow you get 20% off. If you use it on Tuesday you get 15% off. If you used it on Wednesday the system will just laugh at you and call you a sucker! So use it today! You could always use some new t-shirts right?

Coach on Ideeli Tomorrow!

Well, it looks like I'll be on my computer early tomorrow. Ideeli will be having a special 2 day Coach sale. This will not be like the Factory Store sale as this will be the retail, super expensive Coach we all know and covet at Factory Store (and hopefully below!) prices. This one will sell out quick.

Remember, Ideeli is a members only site. If you need an invite click on the title link and you'll get an automatic invite.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Freebie at Sephora

Sephora runs weekly specials and freebie for all of their Facebook fans. This week its a freebie (which is the best kind of offer!). Well, let's's a freebie with purchase. You can get a full size Hello Kitty rollerball fragrance with a $25 online purchase. Just use code: HELLOFRI. Hello Friday indeed!

Coah Online Factory Sale

Coach has ANOTHER online sale going on at its factory store site. Run over now before its over!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Super Sale at The Body Shop

Hurry to The Body Shop online before all your favorites are gone. This is a sale where the more you buy the better of a deal you get (plus shipping is pretty cheap!). Until tomorrow night you can shop at The Body Shop online and get the following deal:

Buy 1 - get 10% off
Buy 2 - get 20% off
Buy 3 - get 30% off
Buy 4 - get 40% off
Buy 5 - get 50% off

All I can say is Wow!

Fantastic Jewelry - Fantastic Prices

Haute Look (a member's only site, for an invite please click the title link) is having a great sale on Lovina G jewelry. Lovina G uses natural materials and 18-24K gold plating on her pieces to give them a very high end look. Usually it's also at high end prices. Today you can get them for rock bottom prices at Haute Look. Here's some of my favorites:

Christina Earrings $25 (Reg. $100)

Turqoise Crystal Bangle Set $24 (Reg. $96)

Claudia Cuff $29 (Reg. $116)

Sephora VIB Gift

OK, if you haven't joined Sephora's VIB program then you've been living under a rock for the past few years. You need to get on it sister! With the VIB program you earn points for every dollar you spend plus you get invites to exclusive shopping events (usually 10-15% off the entire store!) and at the end of the year you get a gift certificate for free money (usually $10-$25 depending on your spending levels), not to mention a free birthday gift for you every year. Your points also convert into free gifts. There are 2 levels of free gifts: a 100 point level which is an item that is usually a little larger than your standard sample size and a 500 point level that is usually a gift set of some sort with an item or two that are standard size items and a few that are sample size. So, if you're shopping at Sephora and you're not a member what are you waiting for???

Right now, Sephora's 500 point gift is a Tarte gift set that includes a full size lip tint and eyeliner, as well as generous sizes of their clay powder and smooth operator.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Try Bare Escentuals for Free!

Bare Escentuals is one of those foundations that I just can't wrap my head around. It's a powder but, it does so much more than a regular powder. Most powders seem to sit on my skin and look cakey or too white. Bare Escentuals just seems to cover my blemishes while lending a slight glow to my face (when I use both the foundation and finishing powder). However, I know that trying something new can be a financial investment especially when it comes to makeup. Head over to Sephora online now and get something you like. When you do you can enter a code for a free Bare Escentuals foundation in the color you choose, a kabuki brush to apply it with and a free Bare Escentuals face primer. That's not a bad deal. For matte foundation enter code: BEMATTE3. For the original foundation enter code: BEBARE3.

David Khan Jean's on sale at Ideeli!

David Khan Basic Nikki Bootcut $59.99 (Reg. $206)

David Khan Nikki Straight Leg $59.99 (Reg. $190)
I absolutely love David Khan jeans! The jeans fit nicely without being too tight, they last through the day (don't you hate it when jeans fit at the beginning of the day and then start falling off towards the end giving you the infamous bag-butt?), and they have just the right amount of stretch in them to lift your butt just slightly. When my jeans can do all that I'm a happy girl. The only down-side is that they're crazy expensive! Ideeli just solved my one problem with David Khan jeans. They put them on a crazy sale! Run over there now before they're all sold out! Remember, Ideeli is a member's only site. If you need an invite, click on the title link.

Bracelet Blow Out!

LA Jewelry Rose Bangle $17 (Reg. $68)
LA Jewelry Hammered Bangle $17 (Reg. $68)
Haute Look (one of my favorite member's only sites - if you need an invite click the title link) is having a blow out sale on bracelets. Jewelry is sometimes one of the last things girls think about with regards to their outfit or even their personal style. However, a great chunky bracelet or something sweet and girly can add just the right "finish" to an outfit and give you that air of looking like you have great style. Now you can be the girl all the other girls at the mall try (and fail!) to copy. Happy shopping!

Happy President's Day!

President's Day is one of the big sale days of the year. Here's a small sampling of the sales that are out there:

1. Ann Taylor - Take 50% off all sale styles (no code needed!)

2. Ann Taylor Loft - Take 30% off of full price styles and free shipping on everything (use code PRESIDENT)

3. The Body Shop - 3 for $30 online only (no code needed)

4. The Limited - 40% off everything (use code SAVE40)

5.  Bath & Body Works - Buy 3 get 3 Free (no code needed)

6. Frederick's of Hollywood - Take an extra 50% off clearance styles and $19 bra sale (no codes needed)

Shop on!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sam Edelman Sandals for next to nothing

Sam Edelman is one of my favorite brands in shoes. There's everything from casual flats and sandals to super chic heels and boots. Plus they're always slightly edgy. The only problem...they're expensive. is having a great sale on Sam Edelman sandals. Run and pick them up now so you can start updating your wardrobe for spring and summer! Here are some my faves:
Divine $41.98 (Reg. $104.95)
Ginger $45 (Reg. $100)

Hamilton $36 (Reg. $90)

Cheap Jeans! is having a sale on James Jeans, Rich & Skinny jeans, William Rast jeans, and MEK jeans. They're actually discounting each pair by at least 40% and some up to 70% (which on designer jeans is a steal!). Here are some of my picks:
James Jeans Pencil Leg $51.99 (Reg. $167)
William Rast Savoy $69.99 (Reg. $239)

Rich and Skinny Wedge Bootcut $69.99 (Reg. $198)

Victoria's Secret - Free Gift Cards

Secret Rewards Gift Cards are back! It's like getting free money for things you were going to buy anyway. For every purchase of $10 or more you get a Secret Reward Card. The secret is how much each card is worth. You're guaranteed to get a card worth at least $10 but they can be worth as much as $500 (that's a lot of underwear!). Starting March 1st you can begin earning your cards (or you can get them now if you're a card carrying Angel).

The Coach Factory Online

Op Art Bangle $58.80 (Reg. $98)
Mia Leather Large Maggie $238 (Reg. $398)
Gallery Leather Tote $129 (Reg. $328)
The Coach Factory is a fantastic place to find Coach purses at cut-rate prices. However, they are few and far between so if you don't live near one you're kind of SOL. But, Coach now has the Coach Factory online sales. The online store isn't open 24/7 but you can find a sale at least once every other month to as much as once a month. You can only get access to the sale if you sign up on the Coach Factory online site and you'll receive a notification one day prior to the sale. Each sale only lasts 2 days and items sell out pretty quickly.

What you'll find at these sales is a great selection of purses (both styles created for the Factory Store and styles found in the high end retail stores), shoes, jewelry, wallets, and other accessories. I have a hard time retraining myself to just buying a few things during these sales. But, you need to hurry over before all the items you want are gone!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Viggle, Viggle, Viggle!

There are a lot of times I'm so focused on other things that I miss out on great ideas that are right in front of my face! That's where my fantastic friends come in. They often introduce me to things I would have otherwise missed. In fact, just this weekend one of my girlfriends (she knows who she is!) introduced me to a great iPhone app called Viggle.

Now what Viggle does is actually "award" you for watching TV. It uses a similar platform as Shazam (if you don't have this app well you're just living in the dark ages) where you activate the app and point your phone at the TV. Your phone will listen to what's on the TV and "check in" to what you're currently watching. At the end of the show you get awarded points for your viewing. So what do you do with these points? You can turn them in for gift cards to places like Sephora, Best Buy and Target! But it must take forever to accumulate points right? Nope. For about 14,000 points you get your first $10 reward. I've used it for the half the day today and I'm already at 3,500 points. It's just that easy! I'm seriously in love with this app! Download it now!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hair Care Steals

I've found that one of my personal weaknesses is expensive shampoo and conditioner. I'm convinced that my hair is fuller and shinier and that my color stays in tact longer when I use high-end hair products (whether this is true or not I don't care as I'm completely addicted). However, the problem with using these types of products on your hair is the fact that a teeny, tiny bottle will cost you your first born child as well as an arm and a leg. Right now you can go to and find tons of great brands at up to 60% off. Some of my favorites include Enjoy (15% off), CHI hair appliance (50% off), and Joico (30% off).

$5 Deals at Spiegel

Oval Link Necklace

Signature Pencil Skirt
Spiegel is running a sale on tons of clothing, cosmetics, and accessories where everything is $5 per item. They've got some good things but, one thing you need to consider before buying at Spiegel is really pay attention to the cut of their clothes (clothes tend to be cut more in box shapes similar to 80's styling) and what the fabric is (lots of polyester). However, if you pay attention to what you buy, you can get some really great items from Spiegel.

Retail Therapy Night at Ideeli

Nicole Miller dress $49.99 (Reg. $385)
Calvin Klein dress $24.99 (Reg. $138)
Tonight Ideeli is having their Retail Therapy event. This event pops up every so often. What's great about these events is that Ideeli picks several categories and lumps in a ton of designers in that category. Ideeli then further marks down their already super low prices. Tonight they're featuring dresses, shoes and accessories. However, please remember this is a members only site. If you need an invite, click on the title link.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kohl's Super Sale

I have a secret love. That love is Kohl's. I seriously love Kohl's. You can get all kinds of things at one place plus in the clothing department Kohl's is stepping up with big names like Vera Wang and Rock n' Republic. My secret to shopping there is I just avoid the frumpy section like the plague (the place in Kohl's where they still sell mom jeans and huge Christmas sweaters with lights that actually work). Anywhere I can buy great jeans, towels super cheap, and my morning K-cup fix all at the same time has my seal of approval. Kohl's is doing their winter clearance sale right now. Their clearance prices are already marked down but you can get an extra 40% off with no coupon code online or coupon in the store. Plus you can use your Kohl's cash from their last round of offers and there is a vaild "Yes Pass" for an additional 20% off of that (Coupon code: BEMINE20 for 20% off $100 or more or Coupon code: BEMINE15 for 15% off of all orders under $100). But, wait, there's more! Get free shipping on orders over $100. I may just go into savings overload!

Ann Taylor Sweater Sale

I love Ann Taylor. I know, I'm not in the "age group" that REALLY loves Ann Taylor (*cough* I'm not over 40 *cough*) but the great thing about Ann Taylor is that they have very tailored basics that I can mix in with my trendier (*cough* younger *cough*) pieces and really have an outfit with style. My only issue with Ann Taylor is the regular price for their items. For example a pair of slacks for the office will hit your your pocket book like a one ton brick (regular price pants are about $100). For the same price I can buy a pair of my beloved designer jeans on sale. However, Ann Taylor makes really GOOD clothes. The pieces you get there are really quality items that last years and the styling in their basic pieces don't go out of style (I have sweaters I bought 5 years ago that look brand new and I could still wear if I was still wearing that size clothing). At any rate, Ann Taylor is FINALLY doing their sweater clearance. Right now you can get all of their sale sweaters for an additional 50% off. No code needed!

Free Pants

Bright Denim Skinny Jeans $59.95
New York and Company is having their annual pants event right now. The deal is buy one pair of pants and get the second one free. They also have a two coupons available: $40 off of $90 (promo code: 2065) and $20 off of $50 (promo code: 2066). These coupons are not valid for the pants event but, you can use them to put together some great new outfits with your new pants!

Hot Sale on Cool UGG's

UGG Clovis $119.99 (Reg. $200)

UGG Dakota $59.90 (Reg. $100)

UGG Laela Sparkles $65.99 (Reg. $110)

UGG Latice Cardy $84.99 (Reg. $140)
UGG Hartley $164.99 (Reg. $275)
I know, I know! You've seen too many little girls running around in UGGs and shorts in the middle of summer and now you think UGGs are not for you. However, once you get your feet into a pair of these shoes you may never take them off. UGGs range from the classic stovepipe to boot to tennis shoes and even heels. Most are lined with their super comfy sheepskin material that just feel like you're in your slippers all day (in fact they make several styles of slippers that can pass as actual shoes so you can wear your slippers all day!). I personally own the Cardy style UGG that I can convert from a short boot to a tall one. Right now is running a great sale on UGGs. The prices are similar to outlet pricing and if you don't live near an outlet then this will be a treat for you. These will sell out super fast so hurry on over!

Valentine's Day + Tools = Happy Man

Craftsman Mechanics Tool Set $199 (Reg $299)
If your guy is anything like my husband then they LOVE tools (sometimes almost more than he loves you!). And, if he's a toolophile then he likes Craftsman because a. they're a well known brand (never let a guy say he's not into brand names because its a lie) b. if the tool ever breaks he can return it to Sears for a brand new one due to the lifetime warranty and c. Craftsman has pretty much every basic and specialty tool you could ever need or want. Right now Shop Your Way Rewards Members (sign up online if you haven't already) are being given 5-20% off sale, clearance, and regular prices during Sears Friends and Members Event. In store just present your members card to save, online just use your member's ID and promo code MEMBERS2. Besides that Sears is running an additional sale for up to 30% off mechanics tools and tool storage. So ladies, shop on and go get yourself a happy man!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Your Brows are Going to Benefit!

Benefit Cosmetics always comes up with great add-on makeup (by add-on I mean super great items that aren't basics like foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick). I don't prefer their basic cosmetic lines but, I do love their items like Hula Bronzer, Boi-ing Concealer, and Dandelion Face Brightening powder. I could go without these items but, they add a great natural quality to my makeup. At any rate, they've done it again with their new shade of High Brow pencil in Glow. I'm always looking for the perfect way to highlight my brows (when done correctly it makes my eyes seem brighter and less squinty) and this is an easy and smudge proof way to do it. Plus, at $20 and the idea of a little goes a long way this is an item that won't break the bank either. This item is definitely going into my must-have makeup bag.

Repay your School by Shopping - Upromise!

If you haven't heard of Upromise now is the time to find about it. Upromise is a great way to pay back a little more of your school loans by doing the things you do every day like going out to eat, getting gas, buying groceries and shopping online. It's free to set up an account and all you have to do is register your rewards cards and credit cards that you use to shop and not only will you get points when you shop at your favorite retailers through the Upromise website you'll also get points when you're tooling around doing your everyday tasks out in the real world. Upromise keeps track of your earnings for a full quarter (that's 3 months in regular person speak) and then will either pay off your current loan or put the money into a college savings account for you or your children (or future children for you super planners). You can also pool accounts with your friends and family and get them to help you pay off your loans by shopping! It's like earning money on your money (and your friends and family's money)!

Drink Up!

Francis Coppola Petite Sirah
BevMo has it's annual 5 cent wine sale going on now. BevMo can really make you look like a wine connoisseur (even if you're not!) by categorizing their wines by critics ratings. So you can buy really great brands to take over to your wine snob friend's house and not be worried that the bottle will sit in the back of their wine cellar gathering dust and turning to vinegar.  Plus, you can order online!

Monday, February 6, 2012

20% off on Philosophy at

Take care of your best asset, your skin. Now, get 20% off on all Philosophy products at now while supplies last. Philosophy offers a range of products that moisturize skin to keep it looking young and fresh. Their products also reduce the harsh dyes and perfumes that are found in other skin care lines. If you have sensitive skin and are worried that using a moisturizer will cause break-outs worry no more! Take it from a girl with acne-prone skin, Philosophy is gentle and won't mess with your skin.

Crazy Sale on Sweaters at Ann Taylor Loft

So, if you shop like I do, you know that a sweater at Ann Taylor Loft can run $50 or more. Right now the Loft is having a sale on their sale sweaters (meaning they've further reduced all of their sale sweaters). Some are as low as $14.88 and include some great basic pieces that will fill in several of your wardrobe gaps. Happy Shopping!

Urban Decay - Great Deals!

Sparkling Body Powder $9 (Reg. $29)
Glide On Eyeliner $12 (Reg. $34)
Haute Look (a member's only site) is having a 2 day sale on a selection of Urban Decay cosmetics. Some of the best deals they have is on a 24/7 Glide On Shadow Pencil Set for $12 and Sparkling Body Powder for $9. If you're not already a member, click on the title link for an invite.

Citizens of Humanity Denim Deal

Avendon Slick Skinny $109 (Reg $209)
Amber Bootcut $99 (Reg $198)
Haute Look (a members only site) is having a 2 day sale on Citizens of Humanity Denim. Go now before they're all sold out in your size. Use the title link to get an invite if you're not already a member. I've included a small sampling of what they're selling.

Old Navy Savings

Women's Cap Sleeve Dress 24.94
Women's Chambray Shirt: $26.94
For one more day you can get 25% off (or 30% if you use your Old Navy credit card) on your entire purchase. Old Navy always has great stuff on sale that can be used for the current season and beyond as well as new trends to update your tired, old wardrobe. Here are a few of my favorites from their current "IT" list.

Thursday, February 2, 2012 Freebie

Now when you spend $10 or more you get a free full-size LaVanilla Lavender lip shine and a mini LaVanilla Blackberry perfume. I actually own the Blackberry perfume and it’s AWESOME! Offer expires February 16th.

Brand Name Band Wagon

Rock n Republic Berlin Skinny Jeans for Kohl's $80

Rock n Republic Dip Dyed Dolman Top $36

Rock n Republic Twill Embellished Blazer $90

Rock n Republic Feather Racerback Tank $36

Rock n Republic Foil Top $52

Rock n Republic Platform Heels $74.99

Rock n Republic Platform Wedges $74.99
Kohl’s is now jumping on the brand name band wagon and following Target's lead. Rock and Republic Jeans is set to debut it’s lower price collection at Kohl’s on February 15th. However, if you’re one of their MVC’s (Most Valuable Customer) you can have access to it now. There is a full line for women including their signature jeans as well as tops, dresses, and blazers. Men have access to a more limited selection of shirts, jeans, and jackets. However, there is also a shoe line for both men and women. Prices are more reasonable than the high-end designer collection but, jeans are still going to run around $80. I’ve included a small taste of the collection. Get them before they’re gone!