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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Over to the Body Shop

Seems like everyone is have a Leap Day sale of some kind. But not everyone is having a sale on top of a sale. The regular Body Shop sale is Buy One Get One 50%, Buy Two Get One Free, or Buy Three Get Two Free. That's a pretty good deal on it's own. Now throw in getting an additional 29% with the code LEAPYEAR its an even better deal and one you can't pass up.

New Color Collection at MAC

It's rare that I like whatever current color collection that MAC is pushing out every other week. It's usually one or two real-world colors and the rest are off-beat colors that are more suited to a fashion runway or being used as a teeny, tiny accent color. And, at MAC prices, buying a whole pot of color you either can't use or use very little isn't super cost effective.

I feel entirely different about their current collection called Chenman. It's lots pinks and blues that are very appropriate for everyday use. The pieces I particularly like are the blue nail polish (a great color for the Spring and Summer seasons), the Supersweet Mineralize eye shadow, and the Beauty Powder.

TOMS Shoes Look Alikes (for way cheaper!)

I love the TOMS brand shoes. They're comfy, pretty utilitarian, and in a homey kind of way also cute. Plus the philosophy behind the company warms my cold, cold heart. For every pair of TOMS shoes you buy, the company donates a free pair of TOMS to an underprivledged child. However, at $43.95 for the classic version and $53.95 for the glitter version my wallet sometimes aches after my well-intentioned purchase.

Haute Look has stepped in to ease my aching wallet. Today they have Groove slips on which are a pretty good knock-off of the TOMS style shoe in the great easy colors I love plus they're under $20 a pair. I'll continue to buy my basic colors in the actual TOMS brand but for the fun, off-beat ones, I think I'll save some extra money for my bleeding gas tank!
Groove Canvas Slip on $17

Groove Glitter Slip on $18

Coach Factory Online Sale

The Coach Factory is having ANOTHER online sale. I expect prices to drop even further since this is the 3rd sale in last few weeks. Usually these sales only happen once every other month. I think the Coach Factory is getting ready to open their own online store that's permanent. I could be wrong but, I think this where its headed.