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Friday, February 10, 2012

Your Brows are Going to Benefit!

Benefit Cosmetics always comes up with great add-on makeup (by add-on I mean super great items that aren't basics like foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick). I don't prefer their basic cosmetic lines but, I do love their items like Hula Bronzer, Boi-ing Concealer, and Dandelion Face Brightening powder. I could go without these items but, they add a great natural quality to my makeup. At any rate, they've done it again with their new shade of High Brow pencil in Glow. I'm always looking for the perfect way to highlight my brows (when done correctly it makes my eyes seem brighter and less squinty) and this is an easy and smudge proof way to do it. Plus, at $20 and the idea of a little goes a long way this is an item that won't break the bank either. This item is definitely going into my must-have makeup bag.

Repay your School by Shopping - Upromise!

If you haven't heard of Upromise now is the time to find about it. Upromise is a great way to pay back a little more of your school loans by doing the things you do every day like going out to eat, getting gas, buying groceries and shopping online. It's free to set up an account and all you have to do is register your rewards cards and credit cards that you use to shop and not only will you get points when you shop at your favorite retailers through the Upromise website you'll also get points when you're tooling around doing your everyday tasks out in the real world. Upromise keeps track of your earnings for a full quarter (that's 3 months in regular person speak) and then will either pay off your current loan or put the money into a college savings account for you or your children (or future children for you super planners). You can also pool accounts with your friends and family and get them to help you pay off your loans by shopping! It's like earning money on your money (and your friends and family's money)!

Drink Up!

Francis Coppola Petite Sirah
BevMo has it's annual 5 cent wine sale going on now. BevMo can really make you look like a wine connoisseur (even if you're not!) by categorizing their wines by critics ratings. So you can buy really great brands to take over to your wine snob friend's house and not be worried that the bottle will sit in the back of their wine cellar gathering dust and turning to vinegar.  Plus, you can order online!