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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Panty Sale at Victoria's Secret

Starting tomorrow all of the PINK panties will be on sale both in-store and online. Instead of 5 panties for $26 you'll get 7. Take this opportunity to stock. I personally like the cotton hipsters. They're true to size, breathable, and don't bunch up or leave a panty line. I will be heading over to my nearest Vicky's first thing tomorrow!

How to Put on Fake Eyelashes

OK, so one of my favorite sites is I don't go there very often but I do subscribe to their mailing list because they send out pretty informative newsletters. Their site is cool because they have a lot of how-to information, mixed with shopping and trend alerts. Today they have a great new video about the art of putting on fake eyelashes that's pretty good. While the video is simplistic the tricks they give you work pretty well. What they don't show you is when to put on your eye makeup. I put mine on first (eyeshadow, liner & mascara) before adding in fake eyelashes.

The only disagreement I have with them is what type of lashes to use. I personally prefer Urban Decay because they're super full and sturdy for the money. I can usually get 4 wears out of a pair of these lashes. I also like the Sephora brand, especially the value packs because again, they're pretty sturdy and they're not as over the top as Urban Decay so they're more suited to everyday wear.

Whatever you choose though, make sure you get the glue on right. That's the whole trick to putting on eyelashes. Good luck!