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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stella & Dot - Spot On

So, I guess I should forewarn you...I'm not a fan of the shopping party. Partly because I actually have to go somewhere and partly because once you get me there I'm inclined to buy far too much stuff (in other words I'm a home party sales consultant's dream). Plus these things just make me cranky because I'm generally thinking to myself (or at least muttering very quitely so as not interupt the highly fascinating sales presentation) that the stuff I'm seeing is either junk, overpriced or both. However, after that incredibly long preface, I've discovered a party I would willing go to and would happily buy too much stuff. Stella & Dot. They have fantasticly fun jewelry for both women and little girls at prices that I can tolerate. They also have sales on their website but, then you'd miss out on the vegetable platter and foamy punch.