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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Angry Shoppers Out and About

Every so often I'll see a story in the news that makes me smile. Since this site is dedicated to all the other Angry Shoppers out there I'd like to re-post this one from the Chicago Sun-Times:

"A shopper struck back at the man who tried to rob her in the parking lot of a Joliet Wal-Mart, driving after him and hitting him with her car before he got away, police said.

Joliet police Cmdr. Al Roechner said the woman had just finished putting groceries into her silver Pontiac about 10 p.m. at the store at 2424 W. Jefferson St. when Byron J. Adams, 31, of Joliet approached her and demanded her purse.

When she said she didn’t have one Adams took out a handgun, but the woman ignored him and started to drive away, Roechner said. The woman apparently got angry, though, and decided to chase after Adams with her car, Roechner said.

She succeeded in hitting him, but he was able to run away. He was unarmed when he was found nearby, and he did not require medical treatment, Roechner said. He was charged with armed robbery."

I absolutely believe that this woman was fiercely guarding her designer purse that she got at a 90% off sale. I might have run him over too! Lesson #1: Never a touch a woman's discounted purse.

Book Nook - What I'm Reading Now

So I really like books. But, unfortunately I don't always have time to find my own books so I read pretty much whatever my friends throw at me. Right now they're very much into the vampire and werewolf craze. So the latest series that I'm reading is the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward.
Ward puts a new spin on the vampire tale by creating a new back story for the vampire race complete with their own society, religion and rules. The vampires are also no threat to humans as they need to feed from other vampires in order to survive. However, the vampires still aren't safe. They're being hunted by an evil group of undead called The Lessening Society. But, the vampires fight back with a warrior group called the Black Dagger Brotherhood who hunts The Lessening Society in order to protect the vampire race. The Black Dagger Brotherhood is made up of a small group of large (6'7" at least), beautiful (as in model), deeply damaged (psychotic, celibate, burning hands, etc.) men. Each book focuses on one of it's member and their journey to love.
Right now I'm reading Book #5 - Lover Unbound. I'm completely enthralled in these books due, in no small part, to the hot and steamy romances between each of the vampires and their chosen woman. Can you hear me swooning?

Teenage Corner - Super SMASH

OK, so I personally don't have kids but I have lots of girlfriends that do (bless their saintly souls). However, one thing that all young girls have in common is the need to document their daily lives (why do you think they market Diaries almost exclusively to teenage girls?). At any rate, several of my friends complain that they're constantly missing common supplies like tape, or markers, etc. Here's a novel idea, get a SMASH kit for your unruly teenager. K&Co has created a great product that definitely appeals to the teenage girl's desire to document their lives in a customizable format. SMASH journals come in a variety of colors and have tons of accessories for your teenager to save all their small mementos or to keep a journal without being the same as everyone else. They're available at Michael's, Joann's or your local craft chain store.