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Monday, February 13, 2012

Viggle, Viggle, Viggle!

There are a lot of times I'm so focused on other things that I miss out on great ideas that are right in front of my face! That's where my fantastic friends come in. They often introduce me to things I would have otherwise missed. In fact, just this weekend one of my girlfriends (she knows who she is!) introduced me to a great iPhone app called Viggle.

Now what Viggle does is actually "award" you for watching TV. It uses a similar platform as Shazam (if you don't have this app well you're just living in the dark ages) where you activate the app and point your phone at the TV. Your phone will listen to what's on the TV and "check in" to what you're currently watching. At the end of the show you get awarded points for your viewing. So what do you do with these points? You can turn them in for gift cards to places like Sephora, Best Buy and Target! But it must take forever to accumulate points right? Nope. For about 14,000 points you get your first $10 reward. I've used it for the half the day today and I'm already at 3,500 points. It's just that easy! I'm seriously in love with this app! Download it now!