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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cool New Stuff at White House Black Market

Today I'm not posting much about sales (I haven't seen any that drop dead awesome). So, when these days come around sometimes I just spend my time shopping and waiting for things to go on sale or a coupon to come around. One of my favorite places to do that at is White House Black Market.

If you've never shopped there here are some things you need to know. They're expensive. There, I said it. Yes, they're expensive but, they're clothes are the type of clothes that you'll have 10 years from now. Most of their stuff is pretty classic, the fit is exquisite and true to size, and they go with trends but, don't do them in an over-the-top way. So, these are really investment pieces. But, even investment pieces can be gotten on sale!

At any rate, they've just sent out their latest season's new pieces...Here are the ones I'm drooling over:

1. Striped Sequin Pencil Skit -'s sequined. Enough said.
Striped Sequin Pencil Skirt $148

2. Cuffed Short - This short is the must have shorts of the season. They fit perfectly, they're not too short or too long and they're slightly tailored so you can dress them up and down. I actually own the denim version of these and my husband goes nuts over them!
Cuffed Short $60
 3. Lace Cardigan - Lace is super hot right now. Plus it's just so pretty and appropriate for Spring/Summer.
Lace Cardigan $118
4. Eyelet/Crochet Kimono Blouse - I apparently only have eyes for lacey, eyelet stuff right now. I love this and would wear it every day. I may even buy this one at full price, HOLD ME BACK!
Eyelet/Crochet Kimono $98
5. Striped Shift Dress - It's super sassy, a little tight...kind of Lois Lane. I love it!
Striped Shift Dress $158

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