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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Old Navy - Work Appropriate

I love Old Navy. However, I find that Old Navy is, a lot of times, in appropriate for work. At least finding a complete outfit. Even when Old Navy puts together "Work Outfits" they're still not really work appropriate for most people. What I do like to buy there are pieces that I can mix with my work clothes to give myself a quick and easy style.

But, I'm now finding that with a little patience while I'm scouring their website I can put together looks that might actually make it past Casual Friday.

For instance, take a basic piece like the Jersey Tank Dress. On it's own...not so great. But, when paired with things like the Linen-Blend Blazer, Sliver Wedge Boots and Leather Rope Belt I can get away with wearing this on, say, a Wednesday. Happy Old Navy to Me! Cheap clothes here I come!

Jersey Tank Dress $15
Sliver Wedge Boots $37.50

Leather Rope Belt $19.94
Linen Blend Blazer $39

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