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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hair Care Steals

I've found that one of my personal weaknesses is expensive shampoo and conditioner. I'm convinced that my hair is fuller and shinier and that my color stays in tact longer when I use high-end hair products (whether this is true or not I don't care as I'm completely addicted). However, the problem with using these types of products on your hair is the fact that a teeny, tiny bottle will cost you your first born child as well as an arm and a leg. Right now you can go to and find tons of great brands at up to 60% off. Some of my favorites include Enjoy (15% off), CHI hair appliance (50% off), and Joico (30% off).

$5 Deals at Spiegel

Oval Link Necklace

Signature Pencil Skirt
Spiegel is running a sale on tons of clothing, cosmetics, and accessories where everything is $5 per item. They've got some good things but, one thing you need to consider before buying at Spiegel is really pay attention to the cut of their clothes (clothes tend to be cut more in box shapes similar to 80's styling) and what the fabric is (lots of polyester). However, if you pay attention to what you buy, you can get some really great items from Spiegel.

Retail Therapy Night at Ideeli

Nicole Miller dress $49.99 (Reg. $385)
Calvin Klein dress $24.99 (Reg. $138)
Tonight Ideeli is having their Retail Therapy event. This event pops up every so often. What's great about these events is that Ideeli picks several categories and lumps in a ton of designers in that category. Ideeli then further marks down their already super low prices. Tonight they're featuring dresses, shoes and accessories. However, please remember this is a members only site. If you need an invite, click on the title link.