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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lazy Cleaning Strategies

So I have an admission. I'm a complete sucker for gadgets. Especially gadgets that will make my life more organized or help me do household chores faster. I'm usually disappointed with stuff because I think they should magically do things for me and it turns out I actually have to use the gadget for it to work. That's why I like gadgets that work on the osmosis theory (in other words things that work without me standing there and holding it). One of my favorite brands if Joy Magano on HSN. Here are my favorites:

1. Huggable Hangers: These are velvet flocked hangers that are available in both shirt and pant hangers. They're great because they're thin so you can fit more in your closet, the flocking actually works to keep your clothes on the hangers even when you're digging through your closet, and they're great for your "line dry" items as you can put wet clothes on them and you won't get those crazy hanger bumps in the shoudlers of your shirts. PLUS they come in a ton of colors so you can pick your favorite and have a closet that completely matches.

2. Steam Cleaner: This thing is MAGIC! I'll leave something hanging on my towel bar and just put this thing underneath it and when I come back a few minutes later my clothes are completely wrinkle free. I guess if you're more of a go-getter you can actually change the heads for different fabrics and then run the steamer over your item but, like I said earlier...osmosis.

Plus- today's special bonus on HSN is free shipping on all Joy Magano items. In HSN terms that's pretty huge.

PiperLime Sandals Sale

PiperLime is offering an additional 20% off of all sandals today. Use the coupon code SWEET at check out.

Friends and Family at The Loft

It's that time again! Friends and Family sale at The Loft. Use coupon code FRIENDS to get an additional 30% off of your purchase. Offer is good until 4/25/10.

Happy Earth Day Baby!

So, in scouring the internet today I've come across a ton of eco-friendly stuff in honor of Earth Day. I'm all about recycling and taking care of the earth except for the Greenies insistance that I wear plastic on feet. I don't know about you but putting my feet into sweat-inducing, blister-making little cells makes me lose my mind. However, there are tons of items that are earth-friendly that also make me happy. For instance, on Gilt today they have a whole range of earth-friendly items from totes and clothes to baby gear. It seems like I'm constantly buying baby gifts so why not buy something earth-friendly and cute (not to mention cheap!). 3 Sprouts is offering the following on Gilt today:

Or you can give an organic shout-out to your home town with Maptote Onsies:

Or you can give baby their first bio-degradeable water bottle from SIGG:

Tart Clothes

OK, so I was aware of the make-up line Tarte but I have never heard of Tart Clothes until today. Apparently I was seriously missing out. Ideeli has this line on their site today and I think I just went into a shopping coma (too much stuff, not enough money....) At any rate, prices are reasonable: Tops start at $22 and dresses at $45. Here's a small sample: